Census of Sartar

Joerg Baumgartner (joe@sartar.toppoint.de)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 22:39:10 MEZ

A not so short plug inserted:

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Back to the Sartarite census:
I'd expect Boldhome (listed as a large city in Genertela Book, with 
Pavis listed as a small city, though without the Rubble) to house about 
10,000 individuals, including a sizeable Lunar garrison and some 
hundred trolls. Alda-chur is the oldest city of Sartar, listed as 
Medium City, and probably has 5000 to 6000 inhabitants. (Genertela Book 
states that it follows RQ city size rules. A Small City in RQ has 500 
to 3000 inhabitants, a Medium City 2000 to 8000, and a Large City 6000 
to 25,000.)

The Holy Country map from RQ Companion shows Duckpoint, Wilm's Church 
and Swenstown as filled circles, indicating 1100 to 2500 inhabitants, 
and Clearwine as empty circle, indicating less than 100 inhabitants. 
Boldhome seems to have a square as its symbol (the right edge of the 
Quivin Mountains ink-blot has a straight edge about the right size for 
a city symbol, although this could be just the white background for the 
letter "B"). If that is true, it has between 7501 and 12500 
inhabitants, according to the map key.

I'd expect around 2500 inhabitants each for most of the smaller cities 
of Sartar (Swenstown, Wilm's Church, Duckpoint), with Alone possibly 
even smaller (being most recently settled, and far from the major trade 
routes), and Jonstown maybe a tad larger. Runegate would have been of 
the same size before the Crimson Bat ate its populace in 1602, but its 
resettlement hasn't been completed yet.

I find the 900 children mentioned for Clearwine astonishingly many, 
compared to the 650 adults. However, this report is dated from 1600 ST 
(7/29), probably with the king and his hird abroad at war, or returned 
from it with heavy losses.

The war of 1602 is likely to have cost the settlement dearly, and the 
Lunar praxis of carrying off slaves will have done its own to keep 
population low. The emigration wave after the Starbrow rebellion will 
have weakened the town further, with Leika Ballista leading off her 
trusted companions and their families. Thus, in 1621 the adult 
population possibly is below the 500 mark, and the children might make 
up say 700.

Now, if we make say 40% of the Sartarite city-dwellers rural 
population, we get up to 30,000 city-dwellers (180,000 inhabitants of 
Sartar assumed, 10% of that urban population, i.e. 18,000, and two 
thirds of that number again rural city-dwellers). Deduct 15,000 for 
Boldhome and Alda-chur, so this leaves 15,000 for the five small cities 
(Jonstown, Wilm's Church, Swenstown, Duck Point and Alone), averaging 
at 3000 each. Give or take a few, and the numbers fit.

When calculating the size of the tribal population, don't forget that 
most Sartarite cities have at least 75% percent tribal population, 
belonging to one of the adjacent tribes which have been joined by 
Sartar into the city federations. The Colymar are the notable exception 
among the Quivini, and the Aldachur tribes (Princeros, Vantaros, 
Tovtaros, and Dinacoli since their role in the Righteous Wind and 
Starbrow rebellions, which cost them their influence on the Jonstown 
federation they had gained in Saronil's reign) are likely to be 
differently organised as well.

Torkani and Maboder (or however the remnants of this tribe call 
themselves under Jomes Wulf's reign) are too far from any city to be 
part of a city federation, thus they will lack a signifincant number of 
city-dwellers. The Telmori aren't present in any city except in 
Boldhome, where 100 of their warriors (the Prince's bodyguard) live 
with their families in the cave complex called Wolf Den.

Not even the larger stockades (Clearwine, Runegate) really would sport 
an urban population, IMO, they'll just be slightly overgrown farming 
(in case of Clearwine, gardening) communities, with the odd seat of a 
noble or a temple strewn in.

Thus, we have to divide about 170,000 Sartarites unevenly between 24 
tribes, averaging about 7200 people per tribe. The relative strength of 
the tribes can be estimated from the 1613 numbers of followers given in 
WF 7 for the Sartar High Council freeform scenario:

Sarostip Coldeye (Humakt cult, Malani tribe): 3,000
Kallai Rockbuster (Colymar tribe, Orlanth Thunderous/Rex cult): 6,500
Hofstaring Tree-Leaper (Culbrea tribe, Orlanth Adventurous cult): 3,300
Gringle Goodsell (Issaries cult, Colymar tribe): 3,300
Tonaling Greathelm (Storm Bull (and Orlanth) cult): 1,000
Minaryth Purple (Lhankor Mhy cult): 3,000
Benava Chan (Ernalda cult, in all tribes, herself from Colymar): 10,000
Erynn Mercy (Chalana Arroy cult, all tribes): 2,000
Joseph Greenface (Duck tribe, Duck Point City): 2,700
Chipmunk Bing (Eurmal Cult): 200 or so
Kallyr Starbrow (Kheldon tribe, Orlanth Thunderous cult): 1700
Garaystar Flatnose (Wilms Church City, Wilms Church federation tribes): 

Total 39,200 followers (most likely adults only) from central Old 
Sartar, excluding the eastern and southern tribes (the Lismelder might 
be represented by the ducks), and the Tarshite-speaking part of the 

(In brackets: primary and secondary loyalties of the attendants, and 
probably to some extent of their followers)

The 24 tribes of Sartar (city federation, if applicable), with clans 
where I knew the names, clan numbers from known clans only, populations 
my _guesses_ based on the above numbers, or on their military strength 
if recorded elsewhere, with the 5,000 entries average values:

Old Sartar (Quivini): c.130,000 natives, plus 10,000 ducks
10,000  Ducks (Duck Point)
10,000  Lismelder
            8 clans (Greydog, Poss, Hillhaven, Godweaver, Lonendi, 
            Bostrop, Marshedge, Goodsword)
16,000  Colymar
            12 clans (Narri, Enhyl, Taraling, Varmandi, Hiording, 
            Orlmarth, Arnoring, Ernaldor, Anmagarn, Konthasos, 
            Antorling, Enjossi)
 5,000  Locaem (Wilm's Church)
            (clans including the Lysang)
 5,000  Balmyr (Wilm's Church)
            (10 clans in the early 1300s)
 5,000  Kultain (Wilm's Church)
 5,000  Sambari (Wilm's Church)
10,000  Malani (Jonstown)
            8 clans (Arsgol, Bluefox, Isortling, Pant, Orleving, 
            Lysang, Namoldin)
 8,000  Cinsina (Jonstown)
            5 clans (Bormelder, Tertorae, Blueberry, Drutorae, Osmann)
 8,000  Culbrea (Jonstown)
            5 clans (Ingling, Gwandor, Ystrad, Elk, Goodhaven)
 3,000  Telmori
 5,000  Torkani
 4,500  Kheldon (Swenstown)
 5,000  Aranwyth (Swenstown)
 5,000  Balkoth (Swenstown)
 5,000  Dundealos (Swenstown)
 7,500  Pol Joni (Prax (Swenstown)
 5,000  unaligned city dwellers
 5,000  Lunar settlers and city dwellers (e.g. Jomes Wulf)
 8,000  Lunar occupation troops and officials
North Sartar: c.50,000 natives
10,000  Vantaros (Alda-chur)
 8,000  Princeros (Alda-chur)
 8,000  Tovtaros (Alda-chur)
 7,000  Dinacoli
 5,000  Amad (Alone)
 5,000  Tres (Alone)
 5,000  Bachad (Alone)
 2,000  unaligned city dwellers
 6,000  Lunar forces and settlers

(Lunar: both Lunar Theyalans and Heartlanders, including Lunar Tarshite 

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