Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #74

Eric Rowe (rowe@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Sun, 01 Jan 1995 01:10:37 -0800

>From: (David Cake)
>        I have been thinking about questions for the Lore auction.
>There are several questions that I would like to ask Greg just to pin him
>down on some of the deliberate confusion that he has sown in KOS.

Deliberate confusion? Never.

>        For example -
>        Is Argrath White Bull the same person as Argrath of Pavis
>        (I think probably, and if they are different people, then I think
>that neither of them is the same as Argrath the King)
>        Is Argrath of Pavis the same person as Argrath who becomes King of
>Sartar? (I think no - or at least if it is then Argrath the King is not the
>same person as Garrath Sharpsword, who meets Harrek on the Cradle, which
>would really mean that we have no idea who is who)
>        I think Greg would probably answer them, but I think that he would
>weasel out of giving a real answer. I could be surprised, though.

Heck, I thought those were obvious. The answers to both your questions is
most likely no. ;)

I believe the appelation Argrath White Bull is probably that given in
later ages to the return of Jaldon to lead the nomads to toss out the
lunars. I think Argrath of Pavis is the appelation given to Arnbord of
Pavis, who was of the Karondoli clan and had the lineage indicated for
AoP. (Arnbord is the person in the third invocation; Jalk's Book) What
makes AoP clearly distinct is he did not board the cradle. He later
formed the teeth secret society after becoming violently anti-lunar.
Later he helped Jaldon take pavis and became it's ruler and a follower
of Argrath. Later tales bestowed his deeds upon Argrath. Argrath Maniskison
is the one driven from Sartar who later becomes Garrath Sharpsword and
boards the cradle. I believe he is the main source of Argrath myths, though
incredible deeds done by others such as Arnbord, Jaldon, Kallyr and likely
others were added into the mix. If anyone can point out flaws in the
logic here (things that still can't be explained etc.) I'd love to hear



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