RE: Ginna Jar

Wed, 04 Jan 95 16:27:58

Nick Eden asked for information on the nature of Ginna Jar.
This question was put to Greg at the Gloranthan Lore Auction
at RuneQuest-Con. This was his reply:

"Ginna Jar is either another blank space on  the council for
someone who needs to sit  there, which may change. On the first
half of the quest, it may be a Humakti. For the second half, it
may be a Babeester Gor. It depends on the precise circumstances
of that individual ring. Or, it is the collective spirit of the
members of the Lightbringers' Quest."

This may explain why  Ginna Jar is not listed in the Prospeadia
Book, as it is not an actual deity but a collective name for
various spirits or deities. King of Sartar may also have additional
information on how the Orlanthi view Ginna Jar.

I hope this information helps.



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