ian (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 17:05:00 -0500

To Charlie Domino:
I like your Telmori piece. I will probably use some of it in the future. They 
are an interesting people and do need more development as a distinct society 
inside Sartar.

In my campaign, I have assumed that the bulk of the Maboder survivors were 
adopted into the neighbouring Cinsina. A large portion of them, who did not 
already have kin among the existing clans of the Cinsina, were organised into a 
new clan along with a number of other discontented households from other clans. 

This large influx of Maboder survivors has generated a strong anti-Telmori 
sentiment among the Cinsina, who already had a few quarrels of their own with 
their wolf neighbours. Whether the Cinsina decide to start their own war with 
the Telmori or not is up to my players at the moment. They have had mixed 
dealings with them so far. 


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