F*cking mailserver

Michael Raaterova (cabal@algonet.se)
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 16:47:08 +0200

Sorry for the double posting of the calendar - my mailserver obviously got
something wrong. First it told me it couldn't mail 'It's that time of year'
to the digest, so I tried again [with another subject line] and it
obviously worked. Then the mailserver mailed the unmailable first one
anyway. Go figure.

To Peter Metcalfe:
Thanks for the Kolat comments. I'll try to do a writeup myself and see what
comes out [strange ideas of Ghost Winds and No-Wind mysteries just popped
up]. If it's good i'll post it.

To John Hughes:
Maybe duck have teeth, maybe they don't, but the article did bite. BTW, i
hope you like the start of the calendar, now when it is actually being
posted. I hope you all like it, and give me lots of comments on it.

Usually i just get a sporadic nod of approval when i write anything (except
for the old Skald-thread). Are my articles so good you just swallow them
wholesale, or so bad you just ignore them? ;)

Being in a hurry, i won't say any more this time.


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Michael Raaterova       <Sig omitted on legal advise>


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