Fazzur & the Ducks

David Hall (100116.2616@compuserve.com)
02 Aug 95 02:38:05 EDT

It was the ducks that caused the downfall of the Lunar Empire. 

A strange assertion you may think - but a true one. It is well known that the
ducks were made scapegoats for the Rebellion of 1613 by the Lunars, and that
they were hunted for the bounties on their heads. Now you might think that this
was a clever political manoeuvre by Fazzur Wideread which allowed a peace with
honour between both the Lunars and the human Sartarites. But that is to ignore
the long term economic effects of his short-term decision. 

You see the ducks controlled the trade route down the Creek Stream River to the
great port of Nochet, the gateway to the East and the West. When the Lunars made
them scapegoats this trade route came to a complete halt. This meant that the
only trade routes open to the Lunars were the land route to Karse through
hostile Volsaxi lands, or the route through the Grazelands with the high costs
of local caravan guards. 

In 1615 the Lunars attempted to control the Grazelander route by invasion and
conquest. However, this failed when it became obvious that conquest of a
horse-borne nation was virtually impossible. Thus there was no alternative but
to invade Volsaxiland and capture of the port of Karse. 

Thus began the most ignominious campaign in Lunar military history leading to
humiliation at Whitewall, utter defeat in Esrolia, and the end of Lunar
domination in Dragon Pass. Without these defeats in the Holy Country, Argrath
and Harrek could never have had the subsequent successes they did have, and the
Lunar Empire would probably have survived. 

I believe this also plants another nail in the coffin of Fazzur Wideread's
reputation. Recent documentary evidence suggests that his original invasion of
Heortland in 1605 failed not because he was recalled, but because of his
inability to organise the logistics of the campaign. The evidence shows that he
abandoned the campaign a full two days before he received his recall orders. 

His catastrophic failures at Whitewall and in Esrolia are well known. However,
his most heinous act was to turn against his rightful king, Pharandros of Tarsh,
and hasten the fall of the Empire. It is this act, of them all, which shows how
despicably ambitious a man he really was. 

Perhaps blaming the ducks for the Empire's fall is wrong, for the blame lies
squarely at Fazzur's feet. We must not make the self-same mistake that he did! 

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David Hall


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