Occupation Laws, Orlanth temples

Hannu Kokko (HannuKokko@rquest.pp.fi)
Sat, 21 Oct 1995 21:11:50 +0300

Hi all,

Can anyone recall what are the "occupation laws" enforced in Sartar during
Lunar occupation referred to in KOS.  I don't have all of my reference
material accessible at the moment. I presume that these laws would involve
banning plate armor, forbidding certain kind of magic use in public places,
closing down of Stormbull temples, outlawing the ducks, forbidding large
meetings of armed bodies. Any other suggestions.

Any suggestions what units of the Lunar army are stationed in the Boldhome,
Jonstown area during the 1620's.
Beryl Phalanx?

What kind of public Orlanth worship is allowed within the Lunar occupation
area in Sartar, for example are the temples in the cities (Boldhome,
others) closed or forced to worship in toned down ways (a la Temple of Air
in Pavis).  I presume that Orlanth holy sites outside the city/town area
are still very much in use.  The map of Boldhome in the Rough Guide to
Boldhome does not mention any temple to Orlanth, perhaps this is an
intentional oversight by the Lunarite writers of the document?

Any idea if the Sartar Pak is still on?

- --hannu

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