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>>What kind of public Orlanth worship is allowed within the Lunar occupation
>>area in Sartar, for example are the temples in the cities (Boldhome,
>>others) closed or forced to worship in toned down ways (a la Temple of Air
>>in Pavis).
>I would presume it's forbidden.  Pavis is a special case as half the
>poplace are not ethnic sartarites.

>	I thought the Lunars destroyed/desecrated all temples/shrines/etc
>devoted exclusively to Orlanthi.  Any more general temples had 'Orlanth'
>stuff removed; the rest was left alone.  THe Lunars were following out the
>dictates of the RMG's Divine Will; Orlanth must be subjugated.  All orlanthi
>were intended to become like the 'lunarized' orlanthi of Peloria; followers
>of Ernalda & Barntar.  It was efforts to stop the Lunars from seizing a hill-
>top shrine that led to the Starbrow Rebellion....
>	Andrew

Thansk for the responses so far.
Given these premises what kind of temples would be around for giving
magical support
(regaining of Rune spells, Orlanthi rites, initiations, Runelord rites) in
Sartar and
 Dragon Pass area.  Where would there be major and/or minor temples left.
Seems to me
that Orlanth and its runelords and initiates would be pretty much in ropes if
all the temples and holy sites are destroyed or inoperative at this stage
 just before the Hero Wars.  Surely there are hilltop temples here and
there, perhaps
moving every once in a while? The status of those temples would be minor
IMO. Would this
fit into your idea of Sartar under occupation.

- --hannu, suddenly under pressure to provide a Sartar campaign

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