Questing for Sartar's walls

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16 Nov 95 13:28:07 EST

I currently have a good candidate in my campaign for a Prince of Sartar, who has
gotten it into his head that he wants to pursue a heroquest to gain the Sartar
ability to create walls.  (OK, so he has communed already with the flame).

Now my ideas at the moment is that Sartar raised the walls of the walled towns
in Dragon Pass by tapping into the power of the population and then raising them
from the very earth.  I say this based upon a hazy (or Hazia?) recollection from
various passages in KoS.  The power is not so much to modify the Stasis of the
Earth, but to create the feeling in the inhabitants that they want it, and
through their Earth worship it occurs.  This leaves the question
to get this proto-hero the power?

My best idea to date would be to have him go and construct the Travelling Stone
(with the odd general alarums, exunt omnes etc...).

Anybody out there care to throw in some ideas into the melting pot?  Of course
I'll post the eventual outcome (if there's a demand).

Staffan Tj.
'Just because an Allosaurus is stupid doesn't mean it's not dangerous'


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