Questing for Sartar's walls
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 06:00:28 -0800

Staffan Tj <>

>> I currently have a good candidate in my campaign for a Prince of Sartar,
who has gotten it into his head that he wants to pursue a heroquest to gain
the Sartar
ability to create  to get this proto-hero the power? <<

My first thought is to wonder how did Sartar get this power?
Similarly to Timothy Torres heroquest (a belated public thanks for it BTW),
the proto-hero should emulate Sartar.

So, the following is a proposal. The Ernalda option was that there was an
alternative action other than violence. This is very much in my mind
reminscent of King Sartar. My suggestion is that Ernalda, to help or reward
Sartar, lent of him her earth to be used as walls.  

So my reasoning is to let your P.C. go on a heroquest. The obvious and easy
way is to do battle, BUT, to get the gift, he must act like Sartar. Fighting
is the straightforward and easy option but leads to the path doomed to
failure. How the PC gets started, and how they fare, is something else again.
But something I would be very interested in reading.

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
>> Sartar actually had help from the Dwarves.  Your proto-hero is welcome to
approach Isidilian the Wise, the _Dwarf_ of Dragon Pass, for the secret of
Lego (or whatever the power used). <<

Interesting, but I still prefer the Ernalda option.



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