Lhankor Mhy in Sartar

Mon, 24 Jun 1996 00:28:28 +1000

Jane Williams

>>  newbie de-lurking <<

This digest always welcomes new participants. But all credit should be
given to Loren for his rule number 4.

>> Swenstown... What is there to know about it beyond what is said in King
of Sartar?  In particular, is it documented as having (or not having) a
Lhankor Mhy temple? <<

More background in Lhankor Mhy in Sartar is published on the Jonstown Guide
(Heroes of Wisdom) on page 16. In this the Jonstown Lhankor Mhy temple was
founded in 1549 as a result of a factional split. No mention on Swenstown,
however, is made, but specific mention is made of Irripi Ontor taking over
the Lhankor Mhy temples in Boldhome and Jonstown after the invasion.

I don't think there'd be another temple in Sartar unless it was due to
another faction fallout. Swenston is otherwise probably similar to Jonstown
in many ways...  ( to be read as I couldn't find reference to it except as
a name on maps).

Hope this helps

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fantome@ozemail.com.au <SPACE RESERVED FOR RENT>


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