Orlanthi morality v. Lunars

Peter Maranci (pmaranci@sunspot.tiac.net)
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 18:35:20 -0400 (EDT)

	(This is my second attempt to post to the Digest; if it appears 
twice, I apologize).

	I need to decide the moral approach of Orlanthi towards Lunars 
during occupation. Ideas would be appreciated. The situation:

	The PCs, a group of young Orlanthi and Odayla Initiates, went on 
an impromptu Lunar hunting expedition. They waited in ambush next to a 
large road, and after letting several large groups go by they dry-gulched 
a lone Lunar messenger. The messenger never had a chance -- he was shot 
many times before he took a step.

	It seemed to me that this was a morally questionable act, even 
dishonorable. Others have argued that no standard of morality applies 
when dealing with Lunars, since they are allied with Chaos. I realize 
that both of these viewpoints would exist in the Orlanthi culture, but I 
wonder which would be closer to the general consensus. 

	In other words, to what extent is honor important to Orlanthi? 
And (if there is a difference) to Orlanth himself? The PCs are from a 
small village in the mountains near Alone, incidentally.

	As a follow-up, in a later session the PCs went Lunar-hunting
again. This ambush was equally successful; the six Orlanthi slaughtered
three Lunars on horseback without difficulty (or mercy). When they
inspected the bodies, they discovered that one of them was a teen-aged
girl. It seemed to me that this might make the moral question more
pointed...but the debate among the characters has continued, and the
reactions of the PCs are mixed. Not necessarily a bad thing, of course. 
Still, I'd like to gather opinions on this point. 

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