Re: Orlanthi

David Dunham (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 17:47:36 -0700

Peter Maranci wondered about the honor (to Orlanthi) of ambushing Lunars.

Humakt is the Orlanthi god of honor. His mythology makes him opposed to
theft and deceit. One of his geases is Never participate in an ambush. So
I'd say, to the Orlanthi, ambush is dishonorable.

Of course, that's in the abstract, and any given Orlanthi (even Humakt
worshippers) will surely have ways to justify acts that others might
consider dishonorable.

I believe the Lunar = Chaos equation is a cheap way out. I also think it's
overused by PCs. My Orlanthi will readily believe that some Lunars use
chaos, but have a hard time believing that the Soldiers of the Red Moon
drinking at the bar are all chaos monsters.

Alas, there are few clear cases of honor. Attacking your enemy is good.
Attacking them deceitfully is bad. Attacking your enemy is good. All Lunars
might not be your enemy.

Alas, while my Gustbran question generated some discussion, nobody seems to
have an opinion about Orlanthi tribal kings and clan chieftains. How
practical is it to be both?


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