Clan Chiefs and Tribal Kings
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 18:24:59 -0400

David Dunham asked about Clan and Tribe chieftains/kings.

Look at the duties of a Clan Chieftain from King of Sartar. Now look at the
tribal king's duties. These are quite compatible. Reading them, the
chieftain/king need not do most things himself - the clan/tribal council does
most of the work. All he needs to do is to defend the clan/tribe, oversee
clan activities and interact with strangers.The clan chieftain must give clan
gifts to the tribal king (himself) and the tribal king must allocate plunder
amongst the clans (mainly his own). He gets to choose half his clan council
and nominates the tribal council to the clan heads who must vote on them, of
course he sits amongst  the clan chiefs. 

There may be a conflict of interest here, but there is also an opportunity
for nepotism and the advancement of one's own clan - surely a good thing for
a clan chieftain.


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