Sartarite Liberation Front, Popular Wing

Martin Crim (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 20:36:00 -0400 (EDT)

Me, then David Cake:
>> I don't think most Sartarites
>>would have any trouble rationalizing the killing of converts from their own
>>clan or tribe
>        Can I just strongly disagree with that?

No.  At least, what you wrote next is not contrary to what my view is.

>        I think all Sartarites agree with Simon Phipps point of view. Seven
>Mothers worshipping Sartarites are not only legal members of the tribe, but
>can even be a tribal king (Bolthor and Blackmoor being the obvious
>examples). But thats an Orlanthi all, and your PCs are welcome to be in the

The key word in my quote above is "rationalizing."  I bet there are lots of
good tribesmen in Bolthor's and Blackmoor's tribes who would kill them if
they could.  I doubt it's as little as 15%, though, except in wussy tribes.
An instructive RW parallel is modern Israel, where a rather influential
group of rabbis told soldiers it was their religious duty to disobey lawful
orders to withdraw from occupied territory. Apparently, over 50% of the
populace sympathized with this view or something similar to it, though not
all were as fanatical about it.  If you were doing a public opinion survey
of Sartar (something so un-Orlanthi and un-Gloranthan as to be laughable, so
no flames, please), it might read something like this:

Do you agree or disagree that it is morally justifiable to kill members of
your tribe solely because they have converted to the Lunar Way?

Strongly agree          10%     --the guys who do it
Agree                   15%     --the guys who give aid and comfort to the
above group
Somewhat agree          20%     --these guys aren't willing to act on it or
support it
                                for now
Somewhat disagree       30%     --peaceful, wishy-washy types
Disagree                20%     --those with Lunar family members
Strongly disagree       5%      --the Lunars


>        I think what happens if you kill converts is the anti-Lunar
>religious fanatics from your tribe (like Storm Bulls) pat you on the back,
>and the converts family probably try and kill you (and certainly bear you a
>strong hate). It might work, but it might just rip the tribe apart.

All right!  Kinstrife, the great Orlanthi tragedy.  Good storyline.

- --Martin Crim


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