Orlanthi public opinion

Cheiron (cheiron@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 11:56:40 -0700

Martin published a faux public opinion survey for Sartar about killing 
converts, suggesting only about 45% would agree to one degree or 
another with such an action.  Even to a foaming at the mouth Orlanthi 
like me, his numbers basically make sense (in fact they may even be a 
little high).  But let's not forget the original question:

"Do you think it's acceptable Orlanthi behavior to ambush native Lunar 
civilians on occupied Sartarite territory?"

I think numbers on this question would break down as follows:

Strongly agree          20%     --people who'd do it in a second if     
                                  they could get away with it

Agree                   30%     --people who'd give aid and comfort to
                                  the above group

Somewhat agree          30%     --these guys aren't willing to act on
                                  it or support it for now (but wait
                                  until Argrath shows up)

Somewhat disagree       15%     --peaceful, wishy-washy types

Disagree                4%      --Chalanans, merchants, those with
                                  Lunar family members

Strongly disagree       1%      --Lunar converts

Frankly, I'm just not convinced that there're that many true converts 
to the Lunar way in Sartar.  Martin pegged the number at 5%, which I 
suppose I could buy if you include the lay members in cults like 
Etyries of Teelo Nori.  But if we define a convert as an initiate, a 
person who's actually sacrificed POW to a Lunar god (not just money or 
magic points) I have the feeling these numbers would be much lower.  
Mind you, I'm not talking about what's happening in Aggar, or Bilini, 
or Talastar, I'm talking Sartar (and probably Heortland as well).  

I think the reason I've been hitting this thread so hard is that 
there's a revisionist tendency in TOTRM, the Digest, and indeed in 
Greg's writings, to paint the Lunar Empire in a much more sympathetic 
light than the way our Sartarite PCs saw them back when I was an 
impressionable teenager (way back in the early eighties) spending a 
frightening portion of my free time in Glorantha.  I think new 
understanding of the Lunars is terrific, in an illuminated God-Learning 
kind of way, but I think it's important to remember that the people of 
Sartar largely aren't illuminated God-Learners.  Mostly they're simple, 
Orlanth fearing farmers (who happen to have a feirce warrior tradition 
and grandpa's bastard sword hidden in the hayloft).  The Lunars 
probably think about the situation in Sartar much the way we would.  
They're there to help spread civilization, their way is inherently 
better, and it's only a matter of time before they win the Sartarite 
hearts and minds.  But we all know what a bad mistake that will turn 
out to be.


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