Lodrilli soldiers

Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 15:07:00 -0700

Cruising the archives, I found a comment by Joerg (?) about the MGF of
putting Lunar soldiers from all over the empire in Sartar; Praxians,
Carmanians, Dara Happans, etc. Specifically - have them not know a
Theyalan language or Orlanthi customs to add to their foreignness. I

He then adds some piffle about Lodrilli soldiers (presumably from
Heartland units - else they wouldn't be Lodrilli), overwhealmed by the
sight of naked, screaming Orlanthi charging down on them. To which I
say: old hat! That's what they signed up for! (Ok, that, and the free
food.) The ancient war leader and good god Urvairinus taught humans how
to fight in organized units, to combat just this sort of foe. According
to legend, Urvairinus mopped up the ground with them. Ranks of
Lodrilli spearmen have been standing against Orlanthi mobs for a
thousand years. IMO, the naked warriors would inspire more ribald
challanges than shouts of fear!

Another point - given the list of Glornanthans found in the Lunar Army:
Rhinliddians, Red Landers, Dara Happans, Carmanians, Tarshites, Aggari,
Grazers, Praxians, Pentans/ChaUn - which of them are going to be
particulary keen on hauling Kralki about in cages, or cavorting with
Chaos? Just because the higher-up Lunar ideologists back in Glamour
spout philosophy about the all-embracing Goddess, or because the Goddess
has a way of getting the better of horrid monsters and bending them to
her cause, doesn't mean that many Soldiers in Red are going to accept a
broo in their midst, no matter how well de-loused it is.



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