Bloody Lunars

David Cake (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 05:17:46 +0800

(meeting of the Peoples Front of Occupied Sartar)
>Well then what have the Bloody Lunars ever given us.

Well, there is less trouble with clan feuding
Well, obviously, but...
And there's the new roads.
yes, but....
And the soup kitchens
yes, but thats just a plot to...
And the aqueducts...


The Lunars do a lot for their subject peoples. They are also quite
repressive, as any military government over occupied Sartar would have to
be to avoid a clan uprising. Anyone who says all, even an Orlanthi all,
Sartarites despise all Lunars is probably wrong. I think many Sartarites
secretly probably think that they are OK, though many of them will be
either pragmatic opportunists, or the genuinely poor (who appreciate the
Lunar charity). And I am sure many Sartarites have done quite well out of
the Lunar yoke, not that they would care to admit it in public. Lots of
money floating around, new trade routes, old ones made safer, charitable
institutions of various kinds (free resurrection for many of those the CAs
refuse - and at a cheaper price), religious tolerance for those in cults
unpopular with the Orlanthi. Of course, many of them hate them with a
vicious passion as well.




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