Beverages from malt and other goodies

Joerg Baumgartner (
Sat, 6 Jul 96 18:30 MET DST

Peter Michaels stated in his otherwise very enjoyable Minlister write-up:
>Hops are unknown in Manaria, with
>rosemary, yarrow, or rose hips being used instead to
>flavor and preserve the beer.

Which may or may not be true for Maniria proper, but is wrong for Tarsh, at
least as known by the author of King of Sartar. Check Illaro's origin, KoS
"At the next meeting of the Kerofini tribe, the priestesses supported Illaro
the Blacktooth, of the Hendarli clan, which was famous for making cold beer
from winter-grown hops."

However, when I brought this to the attention of the anti-hops-league (and
that considering the domain of this list...), I was told "What does Greg know".

Whiskey (Irish stuff, from the spelling) is also mentioned in KoS, though
for the fourth Age only. p.46...

Generally, I am ready to find any number of excuses why the Sartarite
drinking habits resemble mine... Test me, if you want.


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