Lunar Conquest of Sartar

Ian or Katts (
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 15:10:37 +1000 (EST)

Firstly, the question of whether or not Sartar is a Better Place after
the Lunar conquest is irrelevant. The Lunars *did* conquer Sartar, and
the locals just had to learn to live with it. Or join the debacle known
as Starbrow's Rebellion. Later, of course, the deux ex machina known as
Argrath saves the cause of the Orlanthi in Sartar.

Secondly, IMO the Lunars did not want to conquer Sartar per se. What they
wanted was to secure the way to the riches of the Holy Country and (to a
lesser extent) to the magical resources of Pavis and Prax. Conquering
Sartar was just a necessary precondition of doing this.

Given the failure of the push into the Holy Country and the
less-than-spectacular success of the various research projects in Prax,
IMO the "Sartar Region of Operations" is sliding down the list of
Imperial priorities. This in turn will reduce the quantity and quality of
human and other resources committed to Sartar, especially after it's
occupation is rendered completely pointless by the success of Argrath
Whitebull in Prax.

Personally I think there is a great game to be written about the last
desperate days of the Lunar Occupation - especially about the desperate
struggles over places on the last Moonboats out of Whitewall ...

Ian Whitchurch


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