Orlanthi Songs

Cheiron (cheiron@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 10:10:04 -0700

Boris wrote:

>I met a bard who sang of wind
>And I asked if they'd blow free again,
>But she just wept and turned away.
>I went up to the sacred hill
>To feel the free winds blowing still,
>But the godi couldn't call the sylphs to play.
>And in the fields the stagnant air
>Just steals my breath when I'm out there.

Made my poor Sartari heart break. Sniff. Hey, I know! Let's go kill
some Lunars! Overawed by Boris, I modestly offer the following
folksong from Aggar:

[To the tune of MEDLEY (1st part) by the Pogues (based on a traditional

As I was walking down the road
A feeling fine and larky oh
A Lunar centurian came up to me
Says you'd look fine in crimson oh
For the Emperor's in need of men
Come read this proclaimation oh
A life for you in Sartar oh
Would be a fine vacation now

That may be so, says I to him
But tell me Yanafal dearie-oh
With a crimson cloak upon my back
Would I look fine and cheerie-oh
For they'd have me train and drill until
They'd have me one of the Lunars oh
It may be warm in Sartar
But it's drafty when the winds come oh

The Lunar smiled and winked his eye
His smile was most provoking oh
He twiddled and twirled his crimson sash
Says he I know you're joking oh
For the fortress walls are warm and high
The wind you won't feel blowin' oh
Well I winked at lassy passing by
Says I what if it's snowing oh

Come rain or hail or wind or snow
I'm not going down to Sartar oh
There's fighting in Aggar to be done
Let your Pelorians and Dara Happans go
Let Lunarmen fight Lunar wars
It's nearly time they started oh
I saluted the Centurian a very good night
And there and then we parted oh


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