Lunar occupation Tactics

Craig Furber (
Thu, 24 Oct 96 16:04:00 PDT

Currently IMG the Lunars have the following methods of suppressing
Sartar :
1) No Plate Armour is able to be worn, anyone doing so will have there
armour removed and is laible to even more severe penalties (this also
applies to people protecting people with Plate armour)
2) Storm Bull is illegal, his worshippers will be killed on sight
3) Ditto for Ducks
4) Invade all the regions around Sartar and make them Lunar provinces,
thus surrounding Sartar with Lunar influence and stagnating Sartarite
resistance (in whatever form)
5) Invade Sartar and sack Bolhome

All the entries in the Digest mention Orlanth as the prime target for
Lunar oppression. If the Lunars occupy Sartar and Dragon Pass, what
about the Yelmalions, Storm Bull, Humakti, Vingans(as examples of 'good'
cults) and also places like SnakePipe Hollow, Feral's Deep, Chaos Woods,
Troll Woods [and the denziens that inhabit these places] etc...are all
these non Orlanthi going to be tolerated by the Lunars?...are they going
to tolerate the Lunars?...
...also where do Eurmal's faith(less/full) followers lie in this
question...(probably very well!)
What would be the position of Elderad in this situation?



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