Elmali myths

Jose Ramos (Jose.Ramos@univ-angers.fr)
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 11:09:48 +0000

I have really liked the elmali mythology, but I am not sure where
and when they are told. I hope all this has not been already talked to
death while I slept.

The identification Emperor-Sun was supposedly (according to the
digest) made in the First Age, but solidified by GL intervention in the
Second Age. I think that is the kind of stories to appear in thelayan
territories close to Darra Happa (to remember all that solar business), who
will see all that Emperor business first hand.

Certainly that fits with other question. Where do the elmali in
Dragon Pass come from? I do not know if it is clear for everybody, but (as
everything)for me they come from Saird and Tarsh. I do not think they could
be from Esrolia as the Quivini, and the power center in Northern Sartar
would support a northern origin.

So for me the Elmali are those barbarian clans who worshipped the
sun in orlanthi fashion, and who are prosecuted strongly by the upright
yelmites. So they are forced to turn south with the Lunar expansion.

The Yelmalio incident can be also an attempt to gain legitimacy of
sorts with the Solars (as they must be right as they show the true powers
of the Sun). It is possible it began as a EWF experiment (explaining all
those "old" references in Griffin Mountain and SC), partially abandoned
with the fall of the EWF but for some isolated temples (Prax, Balazar), and
rediscovered by the Lunars (exploitative heroquesters all). The Lunars
helped the Sartarite Elmali "discover" their true origins, and help
Tarkalor. We should remember that Sartar has traditionally being more
anti-Tarsh than anti-Lunar, at least for most of its history.

Everybody points to the GLs when some myth shows inconsistencies.
Perhaps we should look at the one empire that resisted openly the
god-learners as capable of similar feats in different ways.

Let the sunshine in.



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