Far Point Tribes - The Tovtaros

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Population: 3,900, Number of Clans: 5

CLAN           POPULATION                TOTEM NAME

Orlarnii       850                       Calling Thunder or Ironspike
Tresdarni      900 (150 in Ironspike)    Snakepipe Dancers or White 
Danlarni       750                       Thunderhead
Cordali       1500 (100 in Ironspike)    Sun Horse
Priderni       350 (120 in Ironspike)   'Exiles' or GoodTrail

The tribal founder is Tovar the Hungry, son of Taros RidgeLeaper. Tovar 
founded the ancestral stead of Piddledown in 1346. Piddledown lies upon the 
smaller hill fort some 700 metres to the south of Ironspike. (For unknown 
reasons, most of the Youf hill forts in the north were built in pairs, a large 
open site (such as Ironspike), and a nearby, smaller, easily defended site 
(Piddledown Heights). 

Ordayla Orlanthson, Hunting God, Keeper of Mystery and Gift Bringer of the 
Elemental Compact is the tribal god. His temple is the wilderness itself.


Solar 35%, Orlanthi 47%, Lunar 15%, Other 3%

The Tresdarni are commonly known as the 'Snakepipe Dancers' or by their 
totemic name, the 'White Bear' clan. Their lands encompass Jaskors Hold 
south of Ironspike, the western gors to the boundary of Snakepipe Hollow, 
and the northern and western reaches of the Lost Man Hills. 

The clan founder is Orla Deep Mind, who led her clan in migration and 
apportioned land like a king. Her ancestral stead is Godi Gors, founded in 

Other steads include Long Run, Three Beacons, Young LagerWater and 
Sentry Stead.

The flooded stead of the original LagerWater is sacred to the Uplanders, one-
time home to both Tovar the Hungry and his  children, the Animal Twins. 
Because of this, the Tresdarni are first in ritual and ceremony, but in other 
matters are overshadowed by the hostile Yelmalian Cordali clan. 

Traditionally an Orlanthi hunting and marsh-farming clan, today a 
substantial minority of the clan live in Ironspike itself. Ordayla the Hunting 
God and Ernalda are the deities worshipped in the clan's public shrine. 
Worship of Orlanth is still common, but must be conducted circumspectly. 
Most of the clan's Elmali worshippers (and many Orlanthi) were killed in the 
years following the Righteous Wind. 

Major bloodlines include the Valdor (Twin Birches), Heldarni (Windspear) 
and Kinlini (Sacred River).

Clan Chieftain is Orlstein Bluecloud, a priest of Orlanth Thunderous. 
Notables include Karim One-Eye, Broddi Clapsaddle, Kierston Two-Worlds, 
the immortal shaman Cloudstrider and young Balin Godgift.

The clan maintains strong and close links with the Orlarnii.


The Lightbringer's Ring

Orlanth         Orlstein Blue Cloud
Issaries        Forth the Righteous
Lhankor Mhy     Kierston TwoWorlds
Chalana Arroy   Tarman ForestDaughter
Eurmal          Orlan Smallpiece
Odayla          Karim FatWinter
Humakt          Broddi Clapsaddle

The Thunder Brothers

Vorana Laughing Buck (Vinga), Hreidar the Unready (Orlanth Goodvoice),
Braggi Afraid of the Dark (Orlanth Adventureous).

The Welcome Voices

Earth Mother: Langa Cry No More
Thunder Priest: Lanson Black Mountain
Shaman: Cloudstrider


The Orlarnii encompass the High Fens, the western reaches of Jaskors Hold 
north of Ironspike, Godhurt and the Sheep of Luck Hills. Theoretically their 
lands extend north to Cholanti River, though the Uz might disagree. Amads 
Trail marks boundary with the Amad Tribe.

The Orlarnii are primarily wild hunters and trappers, little involved in tribal 
affairs. Like the Tresdarni, they were decimated by the Righteous Wind.

Clan founder is Densesros the Blade, who was Tovar's weapon thane. The 
ancestral stead is Beardance. Other steads include MammothSeen Ridge, 
Pricklefish, Many Boar, High Razor, Nutrich Edge, Ice Gors and Lava Guard.


The Danlarni occupy the lands north-west of Jaskors Hold, and west to Ginijji 
(Snakepipe Hollow). Their territory is bounded by the Giant's Walk in the 
north west. The Clan founder is Lanolf UzFriend, and his ancestral stead is 
HorseRun Falls. Other steads include Shadowdeep, UzDark, RawCook Pool, 
Tovtaros Tor, TurtleSnap and the 'lost stead' of Ginunga's Gap.


The largest and richest of the Tovtaros clans, the power of the Cordali has 
grown considerably during the reign of Harvar Ironfist. It is a Yelmalian solar 
clan, and often at odds with its fellow tribesfolk. Its territory includes the 
southeast corner of Jaskors Hold, the southwest reaches of Sheep of Luck, the 
rich and open Valley of the Chalk Man, and Gamla's Leap. 

Clan founder was Yelam Lackland, who performed a series of quests to obtain 
land from the Orlarnii. This initial friendship between the clans has become a 
bitter rivalry. The ancestral stead is now the Elder Kukbirds Nest, as the 
original TrueSun Stead was destroyed and desecrated in 1612. Other steads 
include sacred Piddledown, Kinwood, Younger Kukbird, Stenchmud, 
Killwater, Sunwatch and Cofar's Rest.

Conla BrightShield, the tribal king of the Tovtaros, is a Cordali clan 
chieftain. He resides at Piddledown Stead.


One of the original clans, driven to extinction in a clan war with the Cordali 
in the 1580s, and now 'revived' to accept the large number of refugees and 
streaming into the wilderness from Sartar, Prax and Tarsh. The clan's original 
founder was Harla Day of Life, but her shrine is no longer maintained. Most 
of the clan live in Ironspike, but two steads, Godi Gallt and Lady's Pleasure, 
have been granted the clan in exchange for oaths of fealty to the Orlarnii.
To be accepted into the clan, one must have dwelt within the region for three 
years, not be an outlaw or criminal (lots of flexibility applied here), and 
swear an oath to the Spirits of the Land and the Tribal King.

Believe it or not, I logged on tonight to talk about unkind cuts and mythical 
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There was a muddy centre before we breathed.
There was a myth before the myth began,
Venerable and articulate and complete.

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