Tribal suppression in Sartar

Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
24 Oct 96 13:36:51 EDT

I agree that banning the Weapontake is going to be an effective method of
controlling tribal aggression, especially given the fact that the Storm Voices
are more tribal than clan based and are certainly th most Anti-Lunar and

However, its only one method and not necessarily the most useful.

I think that the problem with this is that a truly effective demogogue would
wander around all the clans speaking their retoric, fire them up and _then_call
a weapontake which would be quickly gathered, giving the Lunars little time to
stop it. In fact stopping it would play into the agitators hands and rile up
the tribe even more, thus precipitiating a crisis. This would be bad because
Lunar strength in Sartar in not great and has many tasks to perform, other than
watching all the tribes.

I think the main control method would be "Mythic" which is very lunar in
approach. They could ban, on a clan level, certain parts of the Orlanth Sacred
Time ceremonies that involve the "casting down of the Emperor" or the "rebellion
against confining controls" and instead order the clans to focus on Barntar
renewal rituals, Ernaldan rituals, Elmali rituals or non-warlike Orlanth
rituals .

I imagine that in Sartar during the Lunar occupation there were a hell of a lot
of Peace Clans and very few War Clans. This means that for a whole year, a
peace clan is going to be very bad at fighting and very malleable to suggestion.
The side effect of this is population growth. After the 1602 & 1613 wars and
rebellions, many Sartarite warriors had died. The twenty odd years of Lunar
control meant a population growth in those tribes that towed the line and a
renewal of their young male population. This didn't happen as much under Fazzur
for he encouraged tribal and clan warfare to cull the frisky parts of the
population. Tatius, being a Yelmie, would not have condoned such activity and
would have ruled with an iron hand. Result - no steam escapes from the kettle
until it all comes out in one big bang.

Roll on Argrath.

Martin Laurie


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